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Sean David Holleran


Holleran Creative

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When I was a child my dream was to play in the NHL. When I was 8 I realized that my hockey dreams might be a little out of reach and thought, "Maybe I'll just be a hockey photographer."

From there my passion for imagery grew. I started studying photography which led to animation which ultimately led me to video. Out of high school, I received a degree in animation and after completing that decided to continue my studies in film and video production. 

In 2013, I achieved my childhood dream after I was offered a camera position for a professional AHL hockey club. 228 Hockey games later and, as part of the video production crew, I received a championship ring after the team won the cup.

In 2017, I joined a privately owned furniture company as a content marketing videographer. I found a new passion while working for this company. Content Marketing. I found that I loved helping build a brand. I look forward to helping you build your brand. 

In 2020, I created Holleran Creative and wrote this line that you're currently reading! 



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Holy Smokes its me!

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