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If you reached this page then that means I'm applying for a career at your company. This page was specifically curated just for you! Below you will find a sample of my work over the years. This work ranges from broadcast sporting events to content marketing. 

    La-Z-Boy Southeast

    I spent the last 5 years of my professional career creating content for Tipperary Sales, inc d.b.a La-Z-Boy Southeast. The job started as a simple YouTuber but with some training, perseverance, and growth I became a full-fledged brand ambassador.  During my time with Tipperary Sales, I averaged over 60 videos per year. My responsibilities included creating and managing a YouTube channel with over 6,000 subscribers. The channel reached the YPP(YouTube Partner Program) milestone in just over a year and averaged 60-100,000 views per month. I also created an in-house video training library website, a podcast, and my favorite development, a monthly live stream chalk full of video overlays, fun quiz segments and the ocassional viewer.